V-TAC Volts: The All-New Rewards Platform for Contractors Builders & Electricians


An end-to-end platform designed for contractors, electricians, and builders – V-TAC Volts lets users easily browse among the 3500+ SKUs in our catalogue and create comprehensive project lists which can be downloaded or shared via email. The platform also rewards users for buying V-TAC products from distributors by providing you with loyalty points for every purchase made.

DID YOU KNOW – You can get a £20 sign up bonus when you register for a V-TAC Volts account! You can use this to order your preferred sample V-TAC products right from your account.

Simply create your Wish List on your Volts account and order your choice of samples for free before your samples allowance expires!

Total cost of samples will be calculated at trade price only (excluding VAT

Tier and sample allowance will be awarded at the start of the month based on the invoices uploaded for the previous month

Free shipping within mainland UK.

Ensure that only In Stock items are added to your Wish List.

Once you have shared the list, the V-TAC Volts team will review your list and send you a confirmation once your order has been approved and shipped.

For more details, please refer to Question 8 of the V-TAC Volts Starter Pack.

This program is a first of its kind, and is designed to enrich our mutual relationship with builders, contractors, and electricians as we both share a goal of providing the best quality of efficient lighting in every project in both residential and commercial industries.

Earn Loyalty Points

Buying V-TAC from any electrical wholesaler or distributor will earn you points that can upgrade your profile’s tier (£1 = 1 Point). Earning enough points will upgrade your profile’s tier to Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum which entitles you to receive sample products.

This new rewards platform is designed to make contractors, electricians and builders life easier by providing an all-in-one brand to cater to all their lighting needs in any project.

List Products with Project Builder

Create and edit multiple lists for different projects and have the options to easily share them via email or by downloading a PDF (with or without the prices) of the itemised list of the products. Add notes and comment on each list for easier reference. Duplicating items from a list, moving items, and such features are also allowed to help users plot their options for various projects.

Access to RRP & Trade Prices

V-TAC was developed and designed to not only bring sustainable LED lighting solutions to your homes but to also keep adding value to energy-efficient solutions at market-leading prices.

Having a Volts account gives you access to the product’s RRP & trade prices to assure you of fair pricing and that you get the most value for your project’s budget.

LED Strip Light Calculator

Customise LED strips as per your project’s design requirements – wattage, length, colour, drivers, profiles, and more.

The Striplight Calculator is a step-by-step LED strips builder to meet every specification through V-TAC’s extensive strip lighting options and accessories.

Get Product Samples

​​Earning loyalty reward points gives the users a chance to receive sample product allowances and receive items from their ‘Wish List’ depending on their tier ranking (Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze). Users can gain points by uploading a copy of the invoice of V-TAC products purchased from any electrical wholesalers or distributors.

Ready to create your own V-TAC Volts account? Go to vtacexports.com to finish your application in quick easy steps!

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