V-TAC Strip Light Kits: Easy Upgrade To Smart Lighting


The global pandemic had us spending more time at home, and it probably has sparked initiatives to renovate or redecorate. Changing and stepping up the lighting in any room is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to do so, and V-TAC has just the product to upgrade the aesthetics and feel of any bedroom, home office, gaming room, studio, and more.

Easy to Setup

Multiple smart functionalities can also be set up. Through the WiFi controller, the lights can be paired with the V-TAC Smart Light app (available in both Apple & Android devices). The app can later be paired with smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home, which means you can use your voice to control your strip lights.

Simply scan the QR code on the box or download the ‘V-TAC SMART Light’ app on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android. Sync with the Amazon Alexa/Google Home app and enjoy the wireless features of this SMART WiFi LED Bulb.

Settings & Controls

Through the mobile app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home, set the colour or soften/brighten the light intensity. You can also customize the colour temperature per light setting from warm white to bright white.

Alexa, set strip lights colour to RED.“, “Hey Google, dim the lights.

Timer Settings

Schedule which time your lights would switch on and off or just dim. It can automatically dim during sunrise and bedtime, and go with full brightness at sunset, etc.

With an extended variety of lighting and automated settings PLUS its flexibility in terms of application, these strip lights can easily be used not only to jazz up the room but also to upgrade to efficient, energy-saving lighting.

Since these strip lights have an IP65 rating, these lights have moisture & dust protection, making them ideal even for lighting your patios, balcony, basement, shed, and more.

Visit vtacexports.com to know more about the V-TAC Smart Strip Lights and sign up for a trade account to have access to special offers and online ordering.

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