V-TAC Smart: Using App & Voice Controls As A Safety Measure In The Time of COVID-19

smart home safe home

The IFTTT technology of V-TAC’s Smart Series can play a huge role in lessening the risk of contracting harmful pathogens by avoiding having to physically press switches and instead enabling users to control their lights and almost every electrical appliance in their household and workplaces through a mobile app and via smart speakers like Amazon Alexa & Google Home. This innovation enables an efficient, systematic, and unified control on all your smart devices that is fully contactless and hands-free.

In a study done by the NIH, it was concluded that the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19 can remain active on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for two to three days, remained infectious on a cardboard surface for 24 hours, and four hours on copper. The results may vary in real-world conditions and the communicability will be affected by the amount of virus present, humidity, temperature, and other factors, but it tells that regularly sanitising surfaces and completely avoiding surface contact will greatly contribute to minimising the chances of becoming infected or spreading the virus further.

The V-TAC Smart series include efficient LED lamps, lamp sockets, Wi-Fi switches, wall plugs & sockets, and power strips. The LED bulbs, available in standard Edison screws and B22 holders, can be directly synced with the app so you can dim, change its colours, and instantly change the mood in any room.

With switch bases designed as per UK standards, the Smart Wi-Fi Switches can replace traditional switches. They support 2.412-2.484GHz wireless frequencies so it could easily work with most WiFi connections at home, offices, and other commercial establishments.

The plugs & sockets easily convert common home appliances like fans, audio systems, coffee makers, kettles, chargers, portable heater, and more to a smart device – just plug it and it makes the device fully controllable on your smartphone or tablet. 

Ultimately, the V-TAC Smart app can be readily integrated on any Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker. This makes it possible for users to control each and every device or lighting group to be controllable via voice control.

More Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Home

Apart from giving users complete independence from physical switches, upgrading to a smart home can also help you save on your energy bill. Through the V-TAC Smart app, you can easily assign lighting groups and set schedules on when your lights and devices should activate and switch off. This function also adds an extra layer of security when the entire household is away on vacation – lights can be automated to switch on and off on certain times of the day to make it seem like the house is occupied.

With the V-TAC Smart series, the possibilities are endless. At market-leading prices, our team also wants to make upgrading to a smart home a cost-effective process. Contact us at support@vtacexports.com or +971 42356668 so we can provide you top-notch service – send us queries about product specifications and quotes and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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