V-TAC Smart Series: Amazon Alexa & Google Home-supported home solutions

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On this year’s Autumn Fair, V-TAC launched the new Smart series which includes WiFi-supported home solutions to convert any device into a smart device, and ultimately convert any home into a smart home. Enjoy the innovative experience of having a systematic, unified control on all your smart devices through the official V-TAC apps, and smart speakers like Amazon Alexa/Echo or Google Home.

The V-TAC Smart WiFi LED Bulb works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap, and Google Home. You can use Alexa to voice control your home appliances with simple commands. To use this function, you just need to link your V-TAC Smart Home account with the Amazon Alexa App. With a few steps, you can tell Alexa or Google to turn on or off, dim, or change the colour of your bulb.

Features & Benefits

● With just a few set-up steps, you can tell Alexa to turn on or off, dim, or change the color of the light.

Easy to Setup & Install –– this SMART WiFi LED bulb does not require a hub to work, and you can simply install the bulb like how you would normally install a normal light bulb. Simply scan the QR code on the box or download the ‘V-TAC SMART Light’ app on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android. Sync with the Amazon Alexa/Google Home app and enjoy the wireless features of this SMART WiFi LED Bulb.

SMART Lighting Settings –– By using the V-TAC SMART Light app, you can schedule which time your lights would switch on and off or just dim. It can automatically dim during sunrise and bedtime, and go with full brightness at sunset, etc. You can also customize the color temperature per light setting.

Efficiency Ensured –– besides its ability to turn on and off automatically when needed, it uses modern LED technology to ensure efficiency in power consumption. Say hello to lower energy bills!

No Flickering –– this SMART LED bulb is equipped with stable and high-quality LED avoiding flickering and starts up instantly

Features & Benefits

● Sync with the Amazon Alexa/Google Home app and enjoy the wireless features of this SMART Touch Switch.

Touch Sensor Capability –– Don’t feel like talking? This SMART Switch has a sensitive touch sensor and a sleek design to match with any modern home interior. Durability is also ensured with its high-quality PC & glass material built.

Easy To Install –– Switch Base designed as per UK standards; requires a neutral, load, and live wire to be installed. Please confirm if you have these wires before purchasing. If unsure, consult a qualified, professional electrician.

WiFi Support –– this SMART Touch Switch supports 2.412 – 2.484GHz wireless frequency and would easily work with most WiFi connections at home

Load Capability –– supports electrical load within 5-500W and maximum wattage of 2200W; voltage frequency AC: 90-250V,50/60Hz

Features & Benefits

Smart Compatibility–– Assign a name to each Smart Plug and activate any device –– coffee maker, lamp, ac, etc. –– via voice commands.

Control Your Appliances Right From Your Mobile –– Scan the QR code or download the “V-TAC SMART LIGHT” app available on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) and download. Monitor all your plugged devices and have real-time control right from your mobile.

Personalised Schedule –– set your device or appliance –– lamp, air conditioning system, heater, humidifier, and more –– to automatically switch on or off based on specific time you set. No need to worry about leaving your appliances on before you leave your house!

Energy Saving Function –– has a power saving function so the device can be set to only be switched on when in use and no electricity would be wasted

Device Compatibility –– This SMART WiFi Plug Socket can automate any home device (with EU plug) and support a maximum of up to 2200 W which covers most home devices like fans, audio systems, coffee makers, kettles, chargers, portable heater, etc. to conveniently convert your home into a smart home

Browse through V-TAC’s extensive catalogue of Smart products on vtacexports.com

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