V-TAC Outdoor Lighting Series: A Modern Take on Classic, Weatherproof Fittings


V-TAC’s wide range of outdoor wall fittings is designed and built with IP44 to IP68 ratings, making them perfect for adding ambient and security lighting in facades, landscaping, gardens this spring. Among its continuously growing catalogue, here are some of V-TAC’s all-time bestsellers in this category.

Solar Wall Light

Solar-powered wall lights are a great addition to your outdoors, as they are one of the easiest ones to set up and also the most beneficial. No need to configure wirings – just mount the wall light and it is ready. The built-in monocrystalline solar panels efficiently enable photovoltaic conversion (6 to 7-hr charging time), with the 3.7V Lithium-Ion battery storing 1200mAh worth of power enough to last the entire night.

The V-TAC Solar Wall Light is also equipped with a PIR Motion Sensor with a detection range of 2 to 6 metres, further reducing power consumption. Multiple lighting modes are available to adjust the brightness (full brightness at 220 lm) setting upon activation. With the IP44 to IP68 rating, this wall light’s ABS + PC body is proven and tested to stand dust and moisture – totally weatherproof and fully protected from other factors that might compromise performance and longevity.

Wall Washers (GU10 | E27)

V-TAC Wall Washers are an easy choice to upgrade the look and feel of facades, both outdoor and indoor. They provide a beautiful, ambient lighting effect for decorative and even security purposes. Built with a strong and sturdy ingress-protected body, this range is available in Stainless Steel, Black, and White finishes. Our bestsellers include downlights, up-and-down lights – perfect for hallways, facades, patios; and garden spikes – which add flair to garden landscaping, driveways, and similar environments. Specific models are also equipped with a Motion PIR Sensor for further efficiency – never worry about wasted power again.

Our full catalogue of wall washers contains further options to accommodate any outdoor lighting project. Mix and match luminaires according to clients’ desired design, purpose, and functionality. With standard GU10 and E27 holder options, set-up and installation are a breeze for these modern outdoor light fittings.

Adjustable Up/Down LED Luminaires

These sleek and stylish adjustable LED luminaires are V-TAC’s bestsellers for two main reasons – they fit aesthetically with practically any residential or commercial design and theme; and they are equipped with leading-edge, high-quality Bridgelux LED chips ensuring better lighting performance and longer lifespan. The highlight feature though is the up and down beam angles are both easily adjustable with panels to achieve specific feel & designs.

The tough Aluminium body is IP44 to IP68 rated, ensuring maximum protection against deterioration due to moisture, dust, and other forms of vandalism. Also available in a round version of 6W and 12W, and three muted colours (Black, White, and Grey) to create an elegant yet modern ambience in residential and commercial areas through outdoor lighting.

Explore more designs, options, and varieties from V-TAC’s complete range of outdoor lamps and fittings at vtacexports.com

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