V-TAC LED Work Lights Bring Safety & Efficiency To Work Sites

v-tac dual voltage floodlights

For construction sites, proper artificial lighting is required to effectively and safely complete the job even beyond daylight hours. From simply illuminating entry & exit ways, circulation, and storage areas, lighting also contributes to achieving security and safety protocols by keeping trespassers away from the site.

Work sites generally run off mains electricity at a voltage of 230 V or sometimes reduced to the voltage of 110 V when necessary. V-TAC offers a wide range of lamps available, including work lights of different watts and voltages. Each unit has a dual voltage feature 100-265V for compatibility and a plug-and-play design with built-in wires and a British standard plug for convenience. Equipped with highly efficient SMD LEDs provided by Samsung, the V-TAC LED Work Lights are available at a staggering 5000-lumen and 10000-lumen models at only 50W and 100W respectively, and boasts of a 30000-hr lifespan. Truly a remarkable feat in outdoor lighting efficiency.

V-TAC’s LED Work Lights are also virtually perfect for any construction environment. The yellow body increases its visibility, and units are designed with a tough, airtight diecast Aluminium exterior that is IP65 waterproof and dustproof for an excellent outdoor lighting performance with no compromise regardless of weather, force, and other environmental factors. 

The work lights are also compatible with V-TAC’s floodlight stands – providing enough overhead lighting for sites and ultimately minimising shadows.

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