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With its latest partnership with Samsung Electronics Ltd., V-TAC Innovative LED Lighting’s PRO Series aims to provide premium-quality LED lighting to professionals, by professionals. Available across the country for delivery within 24 hours through Stearn.

On a worldwide mission to provideenergy-efficient lighting solutions, V-TAC is sure to be on a roll. V-TAC has a range of over 2000 products that we have supplied among 70 countries across Europe, Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and the USA, V-TAC has been in a relentless pursuit towards excellence in the LED lighting industry. In 2016, V-TAC made it to London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies To Inspire Europe. All of these achieved – in just a span of 8 years.

In 2017, V-TAC stepped it up a notch by developing quality products from quality partnerships. The drive to deliver premium-tier products for professional use led to an innovative partnership with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd – a world leader in advanced component solutions. Samsung has been renowned for their consistent research, development, and production of well-differentiated LED components. V-TAC’sproducts are tested by accredited labs like TUV SUD and are manufactured as per German standards. These add another badge of quality, safety, and reliability to their LED packages.

The PRO Series is the latest development on V-TAC’s extensive range of LED lights in its collaboration with Samsung. The series catalogue boasts of having a five-year warranty. And of course, being equipped with highly-acclaimed Samsung LED chips, all products shout of quality in every lumen.

For the V-TAC PRO Series, surface mount-device (SMD) LED types were used except for the track lights, where the chip-on-board (COB) LED type were used. These LED packages resulted to more design variants, an even higher light efficacy level, and low thermal resistance of the products in this series.

The V-TAC PRO series was officially launched last December 16 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria and will be made available for distribution on the 1st quarter of 2018. In an effort to increase product presence in the market and add accessibility to its products, V-TACmade another partnership – but now, with one of the leading distributors in the UK and Ireland electrical industry, Stearn Electrical. Stearn’s history and its ever-growing reach as the key supplier to the wholesale industry makes them the perfect distributor for V-TAC’s current and previous line of products. Also, V-TAC has recently launched a next-day-delivery option, making trading a step easier for its clients.

For V-TAC and its two recent collaborations, teamwork made the dream work indeed.

Eventually, V-TAC plans to upgrade all units in their product catalogue with Samsung’s LED chips. But as of now, V-TAC assures that the PRO series would continue the company’s legacy of providing high-performing LED lighting choice and is sure to be included in the top selling products of 2018.

Now presenting: the lineup for V-TAC’s newest PRO Series – top-of-the-line LED lighting for professionals, by professionals.

LED Highbays

One of the forerunners in the PRO series is the LED Highbays. Having one of the highest demands in the LED lighting industry due to its versatility, they have been upgraded with the highly-acclaimed Mean Well driver which makes their energy-saving features exceptional. Add that to its staggering 180++ lumen-per-watt rating and you have the most efficient high bays available in the market.

LED Edge Panels

The elegantly-designed PRO Series LED panels provide instant start-ups, 100 lumens, up to 80% power consumption savings, and elegant, frameless designs. Lighting up all the way to the edges, these panels are ready to do its role in the world of interior design. Highly recommended for residential or corporate areas. They prove their durability with their varying, highly-customized exteriors and their energy-saving upgrade through the improved driver box.

LED Tri-Proof Fittings

The new 120-lumen LED Tri-Proof Fittings are the optimal retrofits for conventional fluorescent lights. (It’s 2018, and really, no one should be using fluorescent lights anymore.) Available in various lengths and sizes, these high-quality lights provide the necessary illumination for either indoor and outdoor usage. Its IP65 rating ensures its toughness either indoors and outdoors.

LED Spotlights

The improved LED Spotlights are surely the best professional choice to highlight your highlights. Win the best of both worlds – these energy-saving spotlights are still compatible with existing GU10 holders while giving the classic warm light that a conventional halogen spot provides.

LED Bulbs

Sticking to the classic warm look & feel of conventional filament bulbs, you can choose between the amber and clear cover of the improved LED filament bulbs range to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your next project. Included in two different cover styles, these bulbs are now made even better with the Samsung Filament LED. V-TAC’s classic high lumen thermoplastic bulbs are also included in the new series.

LED Floodlights

The LED Floodlights are the upgraded units of the renowned slimline series of floodlights from V-TAC. Its IP65 rating and sleek design provide aesthetic value and endurance for a variety of outdoor applications.

LED Track Lights

Color has a massive influence on purchasing decisions. The LED Track Lights are the premiere choice for retail lighting since Samsung’s COB solution are optimized for this purpose. The >90 CRI rating of these track lights provide vivid colors, highly enhancing any product’s appeal to consumers.

LED Linear Trunking Lights

Speaking of retail, V-TAC developed a trunking system solution for retail which has all the top-key features for commercial use. The LED Linear Trunking Lights offer a 160++ lumen-per-watt rating and an incredible lifespan of 50,000 hours making them an ideal alternative that would make replacement costs approach zero.

This article was originally published on the January 2018 issue of Electrical Wholesaler.

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