V-TAC floodlights replace old fixtures at Port of Liverpool building


A Symbol of the City’s Maritime History

Formerly the headquarters of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board or simply the ‘Dock Offices’ for 87 years, the Port of Liverpool building is one of the country’s many historic structures. Being one of the ‘Three Graces’ (the other two being The Royal Liver Building & The Cunard Building), it is a world-renowned symbol of the city’s maritime history in one of Britain’s biggest ports.

Just before its hundredth birthday in 2009, a £10m restoration project was started on The Port of Liverpool Building. This lasted three years, and the idea was to bring back to life all the unique features and give it back its original glory.


To this day, tourists flock to Liverpool’s waterfront to witness the Building’s elegant Baroque design. Visitors can also opt to go inside to see the splendour of the intricate stained glass windows, marble walls, and learn more about the city’s rich history.

Upgrading to efficient LED Floodlights

To replace the old metal halide floodlights lighting the balcony walls of the building, JB Electrical Ltd. from Manchester supplied and installed 50W V-TAC LED Floodlights from its Slimline Series for this project.

Photo credits: @jb_electrical_ltd on Instagram

Benefits of shifting to V-TAC LED Floodlights

  • High-quality Samsung SMD LED Chip and high power driver
  • Sleek, modern design (only 2.8 cm thick) without compromising performance
  • Fascia glass sealed with silicone rubber for superior waterproof /airtight performance
  • Built-in Driver – no external power supply required. Constant current Integrated IC driver
  • Strong and durable with Diecast Aluminium body – Corrosion-resistant, weatherproof design
  • Suitable for building facades, sports facilities, industrial, commercial billboards, hoardings, parking lots etc.

The V-TAC LED Floodlight with LEDs provided by Samsung is manufactured with industry-leading components to deliver exceptional performance, making it the perfect choice for intensive outdoor lighting with full energy-saving benefits.

Designed and made of diecast Aluminium, the V-TAC floodlight has an unbreakable fascia glass sealed with silicone rubber, providing extreme durability and an IP65-rated body for a 100% waterproof and dustproof performance.

Available in various size & wattages, know more about the full V-TAC Floodlights range at vtacexports.com.

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