The All-New Slim Bulkhead: Compact design with complete functionality – and more.

slim domelight

The Slim Bulkhead range – a redesign of its classic, bestselling round bulkhead – is the newest addition to V-TAC’s ever-growing catalogue of energy-efficient lighting innovations. Despite having a flatter, lower body depth, the diameter remains around the same – specifically 315 mm & 380 mm for 14W and 20W models respectively. 

Ready for heavy-duty outdoor installations, the new bulkheads remain tough and durable with impressive IP65 and IK08 ratings, with covers treated with thermal barrier coating (TBC) for that added boost of resilience against weather, dust, and various forms of vandalism. The new range also comes with optional, interchangeable Chrome & Eyelid bezels to fit any modern indoor or outdoor aesthetic.

Equipped with LEDs provided by Samsung, the Slim Bulkheads provide high quality, evenly distributed lighting that is remarkably sustainable in terms of energy savings.

All Three Colours In One

Since bulkheads have multiple applications both indoors and outdoors, V-TAC has designed this range to accommodate all standard colour requirements in any location. All models of the Slim Bulkhead series have a built-in toggle switch so users can easily choose between three different standard colour temperatures – warm white (3000K), day white (4000K) and bright white (5700K).

Battery & Sensor Upgrades

Besides the classic standard model, the series has three available models –– one with the Microwave Sensor upgrade, Emergency Battery Back-up, and a 3-in-1 model which includes both upgrades.

The two models with sensors feature a Corridor Function, which enhances the light’s efficiency even further through a combination of automated settings. This enables the light to automatically and gradually dim as a passersby walk along the coverage area.

Users can easily set and customise said function through the DIP switch at the back.

  • Detection Area – Can be reduced or set to full depending on the location.
  • Hold Time (5s 90s 5 min 10 min) – The time during which light will switch on upon activation.
  • Daylight Threshold – The light switches on at lowlight situations and vice-versa. You can set sensitivity as per your need. If disabled, only the motion sensor will work.
  • Standby Period – The time during which light continuously dims down
  • Standby Dimming Level – Dimming level when light is on during standby period.

The Emergency Battery Backup model has rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries and includes a test button, a battery protection circuit, an inhibiting mode, and a green LED light that indicates charging. This feature enables the light to operate at 1.5W for 3 hours upon the start of a power failure and other emergencies. Perfect lighting for stairwells, garages, hallways, parking areas of both residential and commercial establishments.

Fuss-Free Installation

The new Slim Bulkheads have also been designed for quick and easy installation and ultimately lessen maintenance and installation costs. Each unit has a push-fit terminal box and a hinged gear tray for simple and trouble-free wiring. Conduit entries are also laid out and plotted on convenient parts of the fitting. These features shorten the time of threading wires to their correct length, and each unit can be easily mounted in just a few minutes.

The Slim Bulkhead range comes with a 3-year (stand-alone, emergency battery, emergency battery + sensor models) & 5-year (sensor model) warranty and is tested and certified as per European standards.

To know more about the technical specifications of V-TAC’s new Slim Bulkheads range, visit or call +442072991212.

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