Sports Lighting: V-TAC LED Floodlights for Al Hubaishi Football Stadium


The Client: Al Hubaishi Football Stadium

The Al-Hubaishi Football Stadium – named in memory of Muhammad Ali Al-Hubaishi from the Al Ahrar Football Club (now called Al Tilal) – was built in the 1930’s and it is one of the oldest football stadiums in the Arab world. After a lengthy period of restoration work, it opened and also welcomed the continuation of competitive football in Yemen last December 2020. 

The Project: Sports Lighting Upgrade

The Yemeni football league has been cancelled since 2014 due to the Civil War which also stopped all other footballing activities in the Middle Eastern country. Restoration work started leading to its reopening last December 2020, which included lighting upgrades. Being one of the main venues of football in the country, the Al Hubaishi Stadium required lighting fixtures with intensive illumination for the upcoming matches that would be held.

The Solution: High Lumen LED Floodlights

Intensive lighting with efficient, energy saving LEDs.

Thanks to LEDs provided by Samsung, the VT-1055 High Lumen Floodlight has a 120 lumen-per-watt rating which can easily illuminate expansive areas like the Al Hubaishi Football Stadium, and it does so with significantly lower energy costs (up to 85% in energy savings!)

Each unit has a strong & durable impact resistant, diecast Aluminium body. Coupled with its IP65 weatherproof rating, this floodlight model is ideal for outdoor areas – stadiums, docks, billboards, and parking lots. Corrosion resistance means less need for maintenance and replacement costs, too.

V-TAC Floodlights are also designed with heat sinks at the back. Proper heat distribution prevents the unit to overheat, hence increasing the operating life span of the floodlight.

Know more about the VT-1055 High Lumen floodlight by viewing its technical specs and prices – available at

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