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“When you operate a rough-and-tough steel mill where the furnaces hit 2300°F… the last thing you want to worry about is replacing light bulbs” says Mark Halper, contributing editor for LEDs magazine. NLMK, a Russian owned steel plant, utilized a lot of time, money and effort in replacing their lights. Being the world’s 16th largest steelmaker, NLMK had to quickly find a way to overcome this hindrance in order to not deviate from their main aim of running a steel mill. LED Lighting then was not adequate enough in providing proper illumination and was expensive. Not being bright enough and at high purchasing prices, industries like NLMK sought to fluorescent lighting. By realizing a need for change and with technology advancement in LED lighting, NLMK decided to move towards energy efficient and sustainable HIGH BAY LED Lighting.

Like NLMK, many industries, warehouses and factories all over the world are opting towards Highbay LED lighting seeing its ability meet heavy-duty environment standards.

Ross Fairbanks on the Facility Executive, says in his article Higher Education And LED Lighting Retrofits, that “among the many buildings at a university in Boston”, the Machine Shop “produces equipment, machine parts, and other accessories required for research in Physics, Biology, Chemistry” and is also used as a “training center for students to learn the basic operation of the tools” A Lighting upgrade from a “32250W metal halide high bay fixture” to its equivalent “44W LED high bay fixture” saw the Machine Shop receiving better lighting for its machinists and students who needed “proper light to stay safe.” In addition, the facility saved $5,200 by saving 33000kWh annually and also qualified for a $7175 utility incentive.


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What is a modern solution to High Bay Lighting?

Replace your old 600W highbay for its equivalent V-TAC 100W LED High bay. You will save 393.12 annually by saving 4368 kWh. You also save the earth by saving 6552 Kgs of CO2. 

V-TAC UFO High bays have high performance LED chips with a powerful LED light source. Incorporating radiator integrated cooling fins for efficient heat dissipation and having a high thermal conductivity while emitting minimal heat, proves the heavy-duty standards of V-TAC UFO Highbays. Also, having a Shatter Proof Perspex Lens, long lifespan and efficient lumen maintenance, UFO Highbays are proved to be the perfect lighting solution for Industrial and Warehouse usage, Shopping malls, Supermarkets, Stadiums, Factories and Workshops.

Check out our V-TAC UFO High bay LED available in a wide range from 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 500W. V-TAC UFO Highbay LED also embody the Meanwell driver to increase performance and lifetime of the products


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