Nice price, good range, good feedback.



Emmen is an open, green city located on the Hondsrug ridge in the province of South-east Drenthe.

It is made up of one central core and 13 villages, and has approximately 100,000 residents. It represents the largest concentration of industrial activity and glasshouse horticulture in the north of the Netherlands. Tourism and leisure activities are important sources of income. In 2001, Mark Schipper(Founder – CEO of Proelektro) saw this as an opportunity and moved his own electrotechnical wholesale business from Zuidwolde to Emmen.

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“I was looking for a brilliant product range that would give me the edge”  – Mark Schipper

It was a match made in heaven. Mark’s vision of providing comprehensive packages of practical and energy-efficient LED Lighting Solutions were perfectly inclined with V-TAC’s mission. As part of our Annual Distributor Survey we have asked Mark to answer a few questions.

1. What kind of business do you run?
We are a wholesaler. We deliver to retailers, contractors, DIY shops, and hotels, restaurants and cafes.
2. Where are you headed as a business?
We wanna be an important wholesaler in the LED business!
4. Why did you choose us over the competition?
Nice price, very good range and we get good feedback.
5. How have you benefited from using our product / service?
Our turnover is gaining up and our customers find us more interesting.

Proelektro B.V

V-TAC's vision is to make affordable LED solutions accessible to everyone!
PROelektro delivers a comprehensive package of V-Tac items including LED Panels,
LED TL Tubes, LED Lamps, Fittings and many installation items that can be used in
combination with them.

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