New range of Linear Lights for the modern home/office interior


V-TAC LED Linear Lights is a newly developed range of energy efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional fluorescents, that can be installed in a variety of industrial, commercial, and light assembly applications. It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost.

Key Features

• Saves 80% energy
• No Ultraviolet or Infrared Rays
• Totally flexible, Compact & Adjustable design
• No Lead or Mercury content hence environment friendly
• Provides Uniform Radiance & Enhances appeal of any environment
• Continuous row modular system

1. Up & Down Linear Lights (Non-Linkable)

One (1) metre stand-alone suspended up & down lighting with cutting-edge reflectors for a soft yet sufficient lighting effect; available in Silver & White

2. Up & Down Linear Hanging Lights (Wide)

Continuous suspended upward & downward lighting with a broad 160mm width for a wider scope; modern tech reflectors to distribute just the right amount of light; available in Silver & White

3. Up & Down Linear Hanging Lights (Slim)

Continuous suspended up & down lighting with a 75mm body; available in Black, Silver, and White

4. Linear Hanging Lights (Non-Dimmable)

Continuous suspended downward lighting with a narrow 35mm body for a leaner scope; competitively priced for professional task lighting in commercial areas; available in Black, Silver, & White

5. Linear Hanging Lights (Dimmable)

Dimmable suspended downward lighting with a 50mm body for narrower aisles; continuous up to 12m; available in Silver & White

6. LED Recessed Linear (Linkable)

Recessed version of our continuous downward linear lighting with a 70mm body; available in Silver & White

7. LED Recessed Linear (Linkable)

A broader version of our recessed linear lighting at 90mm width; continuous up to 12 metres; available in White

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