Led floodlights Captures the Market of Outdoor Lighting


After constant research and development of our products, we improved the stability of the surface-mount device technology in our led chips. We at V-TAC have constantly persisted on developing the perfect model along with the whole range of slim series led floodlights. Revolutionizing the concept of a Floodlight, by toughening it up to such an extent that it’s not just unbreakable, at the same time they are available at reasonable prices.

Introducing our complete range of LED floodlights starting from 10w, all the way up to 1000w. Our range of floodlights differ in versions of 10w, 20w, 30w ,50w and 100w making them versatile for different product applications . Apart from these basic models, we also have heavy duty floodlights with more output, ranging from 100w to 1000w. All our LED floodlights consume one-fifth power when compared to traditional lighting. Our wide range of models deliver output from 800 lumens all the way up to 80,000 lumens. Coming to the rational side of our products, they are much cheaper than the conventional lights available, however they also cut down maintenance with their long lifespan.

V-TAC floodlights are broad-beamed, high-intensity lights that have a powerful output. These flood lights are used in many environments where lighting is considered as a safety element. Industries, factories, warehouses, perimeters of houses, theaters, and stadiums are common places where these floodlights are essential.

The V-TAC Floodlight Series’ Advantage


Firstly, our LED floodlights eliminate the need for frequent high-power bulb replacements. This is an environmentally positive factor as we help in the reduction of hazardous waste. You can save as much as 80% on electricity costs by using an LED floodlight. Our floodlights consume lesser amounts of electricity than other lights, so if you plan on saving up on electricity costs for your house, warehouse, parking garage or your garden, our floodlights are an eco-friendly choice.


Once you install a V-TAC LED flood light, you don’t have to worry about replacement for a very long time. Our LED floodlights are tough, durable and long lasting. This helps us save our customers a considerable amount of money, time and effort. The bulbs are encased in tough, unbreakable coverings made out of premium aluminum and other metals, making them impervious to damage. Our Floodlights come with a 2-year warranty, we’ve got you covered!

When it comes to durability, V-TAC’s LED Floodlights come with an IP65 rating. This means our flood lights resist any temperature fluctuations and environmental conditions. Unlike some other lights, Our LEDs remain stable and functional even in the harshest conditions. This makes them all the more ideal for all weather, and any outdoor application. V-TAC LED Floodlights, are perfect for the great outdoors.




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