Integrating Solar Energy And LED Lighting Carves Pathway For A Smart Future


Without a doubt, Solar Energy is the fastest growing source of renewable electricity in the world. Solar Lighting consists of efficient LEDs powered by solar power; they illuminate using the power of the sun and no electricity, helping you go green! These outdoor lights are eco-friendly and self-sufficient and unlike conventional energy sources, solar powered lighting is sustainable and produces no toxic chemicals.

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Introducing our zero-power consuming LED Solar lights. The VT-768 3W, is a state of the art LED Lamp powered by Solar Energy. Consuming just 3W, this Solar Powered Lamp provides an output of up to 400 Lumens. This product uses Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels for efficient photovoltaic conversion and also increases its durability, providing you up to 24 Hours of light with just 7 Hours of daytime charging. A PIR Sensor allows the lights to turn on and off as it detects movement, reducing energy consumption. This Solar LED Lamp is simple to install as it requires no wiring, and all you have to do is just mount it on your wall.

Keeping these features aside, these Solar Lights have an IP65 Rating, making it dust and water-resistant to a certain extent. The lamp is protected by a durable plastic body, gearing it up for outdoor conditions. Depending on your usage, these Solar LEDs work perfectly when it comes to outdoor applications such as gardens, pathways, walkways and garages. Solar Lighting works best in areas that have access to an ample amount of sunlight, especially during summer months.  A great way of lighting up your outdoors using the power of nature!

Off-The Grid: LED Lighting

Why should you use Solar Lighting instead of traditional lighting?

Solar Lighting is bound to replace all conventional outdoor lighting in the near future, this is because people and organizations have started to emphasize on reducing energy conservation in order to achieve a sustainable future. Focusing on clean and green–Solar lights are an environmentally friendly way of lighting up your house, because they use clean energy from the sun which in return reduces your carbon footprint. Starting with the extinction of high electricity bills, to the convenience of zero-maintenance outdoor lights. Unlike conventional outdoor lighting, the maintenance associated with Solar Outdoor Lighting is lesser, keeping you stress-free. Which is why Solar Lighting takes the win!

We offer our Solar LED Lamps in a flexible range starting from 1.5W to 4W, which are also available in different colour variants. Making them an ideal modern home lighting solution, apart from these futuristic facts, our Solar LED Lamps come along with a two-year warranty just like most of our products.

Through plenty of research and development, we at V-TAC have managed to make LEDs much more efficient on solar power, focusing on our environment and sustainable development. Why wait longer? Make the switch to Solar Lighting now and start conserving energy!




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