How V-TAC Stays On Top Of The Rising Cost of Imports

Industrial port and container yard

As we witness the world hit a critical pause due to the pandemic, the lighting industry supply chain has felt a massive blow as factories stopped production because of government-mandated community curfews, quarantines, and lockdowns imposed to prevent further transmission of the virus. With SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing COVID-19) originating in the province of the city of Wuhan in the Hubei province, offices and various manufacturing facilities in China were the first to close down, and for companies sourcing from the far east nation, it was uncertain which products will be limited and when products will be shipped out of the mainland.

In a survey done by the Lighting Industry Association, 69% of the respondent companies are said to have difficulties in production, and one of the main reasons was a slow return to the manufacturing capacity of factories in China, along with late deliveries, and shortage of shipping capacity to name a few. This has eventually affected the supply chain in a number of ways, like lead times being delayed and stocks getting depleted. 

As one of the leading suppliers of LED lighting in the UK and Europe, V-TAC is fortunate enough to continue serving its customers and maintain offering market-leading prices through certain logistical advantages. While it is true that its manufacturing facilities are located in China, the said company has well-equipped warehouses and facilities in London and Sofia which both contain ready stocks to continue fulfilling orders. Of course, the team has been closely monitoring global logistical capacities as shortages of containers due to backlogs, increase in sea freight, to name a few, could eventually affect prices and future order fulfilment capacities. But V-TAC has been continuously offering a number of solutions so its customers can cut down on costs and ease delays on projects and deliveries where the timeline is critical.

The new and improved offers both new and existing customers an easier way to check prices, stocks, product specifications, and the entire V-TAC catalogue in real-time. This improved resource can help in expediting purchasing decisions so customers can order early, allowing both V-TAC and its customers to offer better lead times and availability for any lighting requirement. In addition to this, V-TAC’s relationship managers are hands-on – they are ready to assist customers on any queries, and are well-equipped to help with product availabilities, finding alternate product offerings, and can guarantee to offer the best prices possible for you or a project. While social distancing is still enforced, the V-TAC team can easily be reached through the aforementioned website, via landline (+442072991212), or email ( If you are not a current customer, feel free to reach out and the team will gladly help you open a trading account.

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