Highlighting craftmanship –– ‘Draw A Bath’ shifts to LED lighting to improve purchasing decisions through retail experience


The Client

Draw A Bath is a bathroom design and installation business, with the priority of understanding the clients specific needs and aspirations and transforming them into a vision, combining form and function which will surpass expectations.

Supporting the client every step of the way, Draw A Bath’s processes have been tailored specifically to ensure full support at design stage, through the order process, pre-installation, installation, and aftercare.

Through their collaborative approach, Draw A Bath promise to deliver outstanding service, inspirational design and complete satisfaction from concept to realisation. There a no boundaries to what can be achieved.

The Brief

Bathroom furniture and fixtures are the definition of luxury in any bathroom and, as such, it occupies an area of retail where people often make expensive, life enhancing decisions.

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To increase sales and profitability, luminaires were selected to enhance the craftsmanship and quality of the products on display, whilst creating a comfortable and elegant showroom environment.

Many of the products on display are handcrafted by experts to the highest technical standards, using only the finest materials.

These materials are highly reflective and require specific lighting conditions to allow the displayed pieces to shine in their full glory.

Careful consideration of light intensity, suitable colour temperatures and effective use of angled lighting (to control unwanted shadows and glare), was needed to bring about the brilliance and scintillating effect of the products and highlighting every possible detail of the intricate craftsmanship.

The Solution

AR111 Twin Lightbox

The AR111 Twin Lightbox allows us to offer recessed, adjustable luminaires individually or clustered, with each light source capable of pivoting and rotating allowing the client to highlight displays effectively and consistently.

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AR111 twin light boxes were used for the general lighting through the showroom

With steel housing and high quality die cast aluminium heads, this range combines a pleasing aesthetic with a sturdy construction. Available in single, twin, triple and quad head configurations with a wide range of lumen outputs and colour temperatures, the AR111 light boxes are the fitting of choice for retail and showrooms nationwide.

For this install, a number of 40° twin AR111 light boxes were used for the general lighting throughout the showroom, ensuring each point of sale area was brightly illuminated from different angles to avoid shadows being cast upon products.

As brightness and maximum visibility were key criteria for the project, a high 3000lm version, in a “cool white” 6000k colour temperature, was utilised for the entire shop floor. This also allowed for a smooth transition between the high levels of natural daylight entering from the front of the store, to the artificial lighting at the rear.

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The Samsung LED Track Light is designed to give the client maximum flexibility to light their displays and points of sale in the most effective way. Manufactured from die-cast aluminium, the head of the luminaire is characterised by a classic tubular design.

With the aid of high performance aluminium faceted reflectors and the latest Samsung COB (Chips on Board) LED source, the install is customisable using a wide range optional outputs up to 5000 lumens in multiple different beam angles with different colour temperatures and CRI (colour rendering index) of up to 90+.

Why LED?

Any professional in the retail industry will testify to the importance of lighting in giving their store or showroom a competitive edge. With the rapid technological advancements in LED technology, V-TAC Lighting Services have developed a comprehensive range of future-proof products to cater for the diverse and changing requirements of lighting.

For showrooms, this means that V-TAC’s LED range can offer flexibility and a superior light quality whilst cutting electrical bills by at least 60% compared with a typical installation of legacy light sources. The long-life and low maintenance benefits of LED sources also allow new systems to be more cost-effective and hassle-free in the long-term.

SKU 3576 AR111 Light Box

SKU 1248 AR111 Lamp

SKU 358 Samsung LED Track Light

SKU 4917 18W LED Surface Panel

SKU 7334 5W Square Downlight

Collaborative Parties

Mark Cunningham & Royden Evans
Draw A Bath Heswall

Scott Champion
Stearn Electric Liverpool

Luke Gibson
V-TAC Lighting Services
Lighting Manufacturer

Mitchell Brewster
Mitchell Brewster Media

Our Specifications Team –– with a wealth of knowledge and experience designing and specifying projects in the UK –– offer a full package of complementary site surveys, lighting designs, energy reports, ROI analysis, and value engineering.

Interested on our Lighting Design service? Let one of our professional specifications managers help you! Send your inquiry to luke@vtacexports.com or updates@vtacexports.com.

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