FNAC Goes Green With V-TAC’s LEDs


Fédération Nationale d’Achats des Cadres, more commonly known as FNAC, is one of the largest retail stores of its kind, with its Head Office located in Ivry-sur-Seine, France. Selling a wide range of cultural and electronic products, this retail chain is also famous for its iconic book fairs and forums. 

Read more about FNAC: http://www.fnacdarty.com/

When choosing lighting, energy efficiency is one of the main concerns of every modern office. LEDs have started taking over the lighting industry due to the savings related and the better quality of lighting. 

The quality of lighting that LED lights provide are beneficial, in the long term and the short term.

FNAC teamed up with V-TAC to rework on their interior lighting. We worked on replacing the existing traditional lights with LED equivalents. Below is a summary of our project:

 The Challenge – Existing Products  Products Installed
Halogen R7S + Driver 15W LED Panel Downlight 
35W GU10 220V   PAR30 15W LED Bulb 
35W GU5.3 220V   G24 6W LED Bulb 
Bulb 26W G/24  5W LED GU10 Spotlight
Tubes 60 cm 18W + Cons. Ballast  LED Tube T8 10W – 60 cm 
Tubes 120 cm 36W + Cons. Ballast  LED Tube T8 18W – 120 cm
Tubes 150 cm 56W + Cons. Ballast  T8 22W – 150 cm Thermoplastic
70W Bulb Par30 + Driver  


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