Experience True Colour With Our LED Track-Light Series

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  1. Why use LED Track lights Instead?

LED Track Lights have become an increasingly popular choice, for both commercial and residential lighting. Not only do these lights have a terrific look, they are truly the best way to get all the light you need, and directly where you need it! Interestingly, today’s LEDs have abilities beyond all imagination, the rapid advancement in solid state lighting has been positive due to the massive improvements in CRI, colour temperature and radiance.

Why use LED Track lights Instead?

Firstly, we live in the generation of LED lighting! The approach of LED brings gripping possibilities with minimum power consumption and maximum light output. LED Track Lighting is a highly customizable method of lighting up your environment. These lights can fulfill specific lighting requirements with ease, from ambient lighting to task lighting- LED Track lights can do it all!

Tracklights Application

LED Track lights create a good sense of accent lighting, the flexibility of LED Track lights makes them a perfect choice. A High-CRI means colours would be more radiant under these lights. Keeping the track light away from the subject would provide a superior lighting effect, allowing these lights to produce no shadows. When it comes to task lighting, Its simple! Just place the track lights in your kitchen, study room or workplace. The adjustability will make it convenient to use, unlike standard lighting. LED Track Lights are a particularly good choice for many retailers seeking outstanding color rendering and energy efficiency at the same time. LED Track Systems can be suspended by rods or cables and mounted onto drop ceilings. Providing an increase in diverse functionality, as compared to conventional lighting. 

V-TAC 15W LED COB Tracklight

We at V-TAC offer a wide range of LED Track lights. Featuring the VT-4615 15W LED TRACKLIGHT, a sturdy aluminum track light that can cover up most of your lighting needs! Developed using Chip-on-board LED technology, this LED Tracklight excels in efficiency. Consuming just 15W, it produces an output of 1350 Lumens and provides true colour upon illumination. With a CRI of 95%, never miss out on colour!

Packed with a long life of 30,000 Hours and a 5-year warranty. This LED Track light is ideal for retail & commercial lighting applications such as Showrooms, Super Markets, Boutiques, Hotels and Residential Living Rooms.

Lastly, if you do plan on getting new lighting for your residential or commercial use, consider LED Track Lighting. As it won’t only provide you with sufficient light and flexibility, but will also allow you to present things in style.



For more information about why CRI is important, read this blog: High CRI LEDs- A Colourful Debate




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