Cool Desk Lamps + Coffee + Work – What’s Not To Like?



Smart lighting is now a part of our lifestyle – several companies (like BMW) are contemplating a shift to smart lighting. 


This is not only as a result of energy-efficiency, but also aesthetics and multi-functional purposes. The LED industry has largely evolved from being used just as a sole component, to replacing traditional bulbs. LED lights are now being used in several areas, ranging from work places to recreational areas, and as a replacement, these lights have brought about energy-efficiency with a touch of art.

Read more about the evolution of light here!

Desk Lamps – where and why are they used?

“When people get bright ideas a light bulb pops up over their head. For British designer George Carwardine, that light bulb was followed by a spring.”

The Story of the Modern Desk Lamp, Part 1: Its Invention was Based on British Car Suspensions

Known famously for task lighting, desk lamps are used in areas where localized light is required so that the desired area of work is perfectly illuminated. Applications of desk lamps can vary among tasks like reading, writing, working on a computer, working on crafts or even shaving!

Overall lighting for a room might some times not be adequate for the task at hand – using desk lamps for specific areas around your home, a cafe, your work desk at the office, would be a brilliant choice of lighting. Ample light is necessary to maintain the productivity of an employee and to reduce the strain caused by monitor lights or while reading in low natural light.

Along with sleek designs, LED Desk Lamps usually have other handy features; they are dimmable, some have the option of a USB charging port, the necks can be adjusted to illuminate light in a specific way.

Handy features of LED Desk Lamps


V-TAC + Desk Lamps

We have a wide product range for commercial applications – our range of desk lamps is no less.

We have a variety of modern designs that would be perfectly suited to your needs. 

The model shown below works on touch control, with 6 steps of dimming and can be set to a one hour timer.

They are extremely pleasant on the eye and do not radiate UV rays, unlike traditional bulbs. 



Office with V-TAC Desk lamp

 Office with V-TAC Desk LampModel used: V-TAC Desk Lamp White with Silver (SKU 7033).

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