V-TAC Smart: Using App & Voice Controls As A Safety Measure In The Time of COVID-19

The IFTTT technology of V-TAC’s Smart Series can play a huge role in lessening the risk of contracting harmful pathogens by avoiding having to physically press switches and instead enabling users to control their lights and almost every electrical appliance in their household and workplaces through a mobile app and via smart speakers like Amazon Alexa & Google Home. This innovation enables an efficient, systematic, and unified control on all your smart devices that is fully contactless and hands-free.

In a study done by the NIH, it was concluded that the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19 can remain active on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for two to three days, remained infectious on a cardboard surface for 24 hours, and four hours on copper. The results may vary in real-world conditions and the communicability will be affected by the amount of virus present, humidity, temperature, and other factors, but it tells that regularly sanitising surfaces and completely avoiding surface contact will greatly contribute to minimising the chances of becoming infected or spreading the virus further.

The V-TAC Smart series include efficient LED lamps, lamp sockets, Wi-Fi switches, wall plugs & sockets, and power strips. The LED bulbs, available in standard Edison screws and B22 holders, can be directly synced with the app so you can dim, change its colours, and instantly change the mood in any room.

With switch bases designed as per UK standards, the Smart Wi-Fi Switches can replace traditional switches. They support 2.412-2.484GHz wireless frequencies so it could easily work with most WiFi connections at home, offices, and other commercial establishments.

The plugs & sockets easily convert common home appliances like fans, audio systems, coffee makers, kettles, chargers, portable heater, and more to a smart device – just plug it and it makes the device fully controllable on your smartphone or tablet. 

Ultimately, the V-TAC Smart app can be readily integrated on any Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker. This makes it possible for users to control each and every device or lighting group to be controllable via voice control.

More Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Home

Apart from giving users complete independence from physical switches, upgrading to a smart home can also help you save on your energy bill. Through the V-TAC Smart app, you can easily assign lighting groups and set schedules on when your lights and devices should activate and switch off. This function also adds an extra layer of security when the entire household is away on vacation – lights can be automated to switch on and off on certain times of the day to make it seem like the house is occupied.

With the V-TAC Smart series, the possibilities are endless. At market-leading prices, our team also wants to make upgrading to a smart home a cost-effective process. Contact us at support@vtacexports.com or +971 42356668 so we can provide you top-notch service – send us queries about product specifications and quotes and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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What Is Healthy Lighting and Why Does it Matter?

Life on earth evolved in day and night cycles as both plants and animals have a biological clock that controls the circadian rhythms. Today though, our increasing reliance on artificial lighting is adversely affecting that crucial rhythm.

For close to a century, incandescent lighting served the world well. Easy to produce and dispose of, they had a perfect CRI score of 100. But they kicked off a serious problem. In the 1990s, scientists blamed electric lighting for changing our sleep schedules from a natural 4-hour phase with an hour of wakefulness in-between to a single eight-hour phase every night. Incandescent lighting was also energy-hungry and vastly contributed to global warming.

Today, 90% of our day is spent indoors watching TV, using our smartphones, or working. These devices have a lot of blue light that our systems are very sensitive to. Researchers have linked high levels of blue light with an increase in diabetes, retinal degeneration disease, and cancer.

The negative health effects are already evident. One billion people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency while seasonal affective disorder – a type of depression that can occur in winter when there is less natural daylight – is rising. Shift workers face increased risks of cancer, obesity, and sleep problems.

Well designed lighting can go a long way in mitigating most of these problems. For instance, light trespassing into bedrooms can be reduced by the use of outdoor luminaires that shine light upwards or use shields to block stray light rays. Outdoor garden lights can be dimmed using intelligent control systems and wireless networks of motion sensors.

It is recommended that indoor spaces use warm white LEDs in the evenings with a colour temperature of 3000K or lower – and as little blue light as possible. At night, there should be no exposure to light or light should be limited to 600 nm. It is crucial that light is in-direct (to avoid glare), is flicker-free and has the ability to dim.

Interested in lighting up your space? Get in touch with V-TAC today.

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Recommended Lighting Levels for Residential and Office Spaces

As a rule of thumb, lighting for an area should be sufficient to work, use the facilities, and move safely without straining eyes. but, ensuring an area has adequate lighting can be tricky as there aren’t always clear guidelines on recommended light levels. Additionally, it can be difficult to measure how much light is needed.

Below is a helpful guide on the recommended lighting levels for common premises. 

Lighting for residential settings

A well-designed lighting system will ensure a space always has the right amount of light. It affords the ability to adjust the lighting to suit different situations and avoid over-lighting or underlighting.

General lighting should provide the minimum required lighting levels. For living rooms and bedrooms, consider using dimmers and control settings to afford lighting flexibility. For homes intended for the elderly, higher lux ranges are recommended.

Well-positioned lamps and socket outlets may be required to provide light for specific tasks including reading and food preparation. High colour rendering lighting may be significant and is an aspect that needs consideration.

Recommended lighting for individual rooms


Downlights that sit flush with the ceiling can maximize the headroom in what’s often a cramped space. A lux level of 100 – 150 is recommended.

Living rooms

Downlights that sit flush with the ceiling can maximize the headroom in what’s often a cramped space. A lux level of 100 – 150 is recommended.

Living rooms require a relaxed ambiance and the flexibility to adjust lighting levels. Ideally, illumination should be set between 100 – 150 lux with the flexibility to be reduced to 60 lux.

Consider wall-mounted uplighters to avoid glare while table lamps can provide the localized lighting required for specific activities.

Dining rooms

Dining rooms should have about 150 lux but since the dining table is used for a variety of other activities, it is wise to include some flexibility. 150 – 200 lux works well for dining scenarios while 400 – 500 lux is suitable for when the kids are doing their homework. High CRI lighting is a necessity here.


The detailed tasks carried out in a kitchen make high lux levels mandatory. 150 – 200 lux is recommended at floor levels and 400 lux for worktops – downlights can deliver focused high lux lighting.


Lighting levels in the bedroom should be controllable with the ability to provide 60 – 100 lux of light up to a maximum of 150 lux. For task lighting, consider localized lighting up to 400 lux. High CRI lights are a welcome addition – for example, it can help choose clothes.

Lighting for offices

Office lighting requires more attention because the employer has a legal responsibility to meet the recommended lighting levels.

According to the 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act, the employer must ensure the health and safety of its employees. This includes the responsibility to provide the necessary lighting for work to be completed safely. The act further states that the employee’s eyesight or overall health must not be in danger at any moment.

Regulation 8 of the Workplace Regulations Act 1992 dictates that the employer must make sure that:

  • There is natural light, so far as is reasonably practicable
  • Suitable and sufficient emergency lighting is provided where needed
  • Every workplace has suitable and sufficient lighting

Illumination levels in workplaces are generally determined by the tasks performed in the working area.

More often than not, offices are over lit due to the overwhelming use of outdated lighting systems. These lighting systems were intended for paper-based tasks, which required light levels of 500 – 750 lux. Today’s work generally revolves around computer-based tasks where lighting levels of 100 – 500 lux will suffice.

The HSE breaks down lighting requirements into five main categories.

A quick summary of the HSE guidelines is listed below.

  • Hazards should be easily noticeable so they can be assessed
  • Different colours should be distinguishable for safety reasons
  • Lighting should not cause stroboscopic effects, glare or flickers
  • No veiling reflection effect
  • Adjacent areas should not have substantially different levels of lighting
  • Individual needs must be considered and met
  • The lighting system must not pose a health and safety risk
  • Safe emergency lighting

When in doubt, always refer to an expert

The above lighting levels are simply a guide and if you have any specific requirements, they will need to be carefully considered. V-TAC is able to draw upon years of experience to advise on the ideal lighting solution for any application. Do get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you.

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Recap: V-TAC at Lux Live 2018

On this year’s Lux Live, V-TAC successfully showcased how it evolved its name through an in-branding program with LED technology pioneer Samsung and a range of LED lighting solutions for professional projects. 

LED Reflector Highbay: Shortlisted for the Interior Luminaire of the Year Award

Equipped with the superior Mean Well driver and LEDs provided by Samsung, our high-performance Reflector Highbay for has been shortlisted as this year’s Interior Luminaire of the Year.

See our recent case study for the LED Reflector Highbay at the Langley Park School for Boys here.

LED Sports Floodlights

A new addition to V-TAC’s range of innovative LED solutions for intensive, outdoor lighting, the new LED Sports Floodlight was a hit to a good number of visitors.

See V-TAC Product Highlights for Lux Live 2018

V-TAC Projects

As a certified Dialux partner, all V-TAC products are listed on Dialux. Our specification team –– with a wealth of technical knowledge and experience designing and specifying projects in the UK –– offer a full package of complementary site surveys, lighting designs, energy reports, ROI analysis, and value engineering.

Below are some of V-TAC Projects’ latest case studies.

Linear Lights

V-TAC’s newly developed range of Linear Lights have also been a highlight and caught visitors’ eyes on the exhibition.

These energy efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional fluorescents can be installed in a variety of industrial, commercial, and light assembly applications. It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost.

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New range of Linear Lights for the modern home/office interior

V-TAC LED Linear Lights is a newly developed range of energy efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional fluorescents, that can be installed in a variety of industrial, commercial, and light assembly applications. It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost.

Key Features

• Saves 80% energy
• No Ultraviolet or Infrared Rays
• Totally flexible, Compact & Adjustable design
• No Lead or Mercury content hence environment friendly
• Provides Uniform Radiance & Enhances appeal of any environment
• Continuous row modular system

1. Up & Down Linear Lights (Non-Linkable)

One (1) metre stand-alone suspended up & down lighting with cutting-edge reflectors for a soft yet sufficient lighting effect; available in Silver & White

2. Up & Down Linear Hanging Lights (Wide)

Continuous suspended upward & downward lighting with a broad 160mm width for a wider scope; modern tech reflectors to distribute just the right amount of light; available in Silver & White

3. Up & Down Linear Hanging Lights (Slim)

Continuous suspended up & down lighting with a 75mm body; available in Black, Silver, and White

4. Linear Hanging Lights (Non-Dimmable)

Continuous suspended downward lighting with a narrow 35mm body for a leaner scope; competitively priced for professional task lighting in commercial areas; available in Black, Silver, & White

5. Linear Hanging Lights (Dimmable)

Dimmable suspended downward lighting with a 50mm body for narrower aisles; continuous up to 12m; available in Silver & White

6. LED Recessed Linear (Linkable)

Recessed version of our continuous downward linear lighting with a 70mm body; available in Silver & White

7. LED Recessed Linear (Linkable)

A broader version of our recessed linear lighting at 90mm width; continuous up to 12 metres; available in White

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V-TAC Strip Light Kits: Easy Upgrade To Smart Lighting

The global pandemic had us spending more time at home, and it probably has sparked initiatives to renovate or redecorate. Changing and stepping up the lighting in any room is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to do so, and V-TAC has just the product to upgrade the aesthetics and feel of any bedroom, home office, gaming room, studio, and more.

Easy to Setup

Multiple smart functionalities can also be set up. Through the WiFi controller, the lights can be paired with the V-TAC Smart Light app (available in both Apple & Android devices). The app can later be paired with smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home, which means you can use your voice to control your strip lights.

Simply scan the QR code on the box or download the ‘V-TAC SMART Light’ app on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android. Sync with the Amazon Alexa/Google Home app and enjoy the wireless features of this SMART WiFi LED Bulb.

Settings & Controls

Through the mobile app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home, set the colour or soften/brighten the light intensity. You can also customize the colour temperature per light setting from warm white to bright white.

Alexa, set strip lights colour to RED.“, “Hey Google, dim the lights.

Timer Settings

Schedule which time your lights would switch on and off or just dim. It can automatically dim during sunrise and bedtime, and go with full brightness at sunset, etc.

With an extended variety of lighting and automated settings PLUS its flexibility in terms of application, these strip lights can easily be used not only to jazz up the room but also to upgrade to efficient, energy-saving lighting.

Since these strip lights have an IP65 rating, these lights have moisture & dust protection, making them ideal even for lighting your patios, balcony, basement, shed, and more.

Visit vtacexports.com to know more about the V-TAC Smart Strip Lights and sign up for a trade account to have access to special offers and online ordering.

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V-TAC floodlights replace old fixtures at Port of Liverpool building

A Symbol of the City’s Maritime History

Formerly the headquarters of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board or simply the ‘Dock Offices’ for 87 years, the Port of Liverpool building is one of the country’s many historic structures. Being one of the ‘Three Graces’ (the other two being The Royal Liver Building & The Cunard Building), it is a world-renowned symbol of the city’s maritime history in one of Britain’s biggest ports.

Just before its hundredth birthday in 2009, a £10m restoration project was started on The Port of Liverpool Building. This lasted three years, and the idea was to bring back to life all the unique features and give it back its original glory.


To this day, tourists flock to Liverpool’s waterfront to witness the Building’s elegant Baroque design. Visitors can also opt to go inside to see the splendour of the intricate stained glass windows, marble walls, and learn more about the city’s rich history.

Upgrading to efficient LED Floodlights

To replace the old metal halide floodlights lighting the balcony walls of the building, JB Electrical Ltd. from Manchester supplied and installed 50W V-TAC LED Floodlights from its Slimline Series for this project.

Photo credits: @jb_electrical_ltd on Instagram

Benefits of shifting to V-TAC LED Floodlights

  • High-quality Samsung SMD LED Chip and high power driver
  • Sleek, modern design (only 2.8 cm thick) without compromising performance
  • Fascia glass sealed with silicone rubber for superior waterproof /airtight performance
  • Built-in Driver – no external power supply required. Constant current Integrated IC driver
  • Strong and durable with Diecast Aluminium body – Corrosion-resistant, weatherproof design
  • Suitable for building facades, sports facilities, industrial, commercial billboards, hoardings, parking lots etc.

The V-TAC LED Floodlight with LEDs provided by Samsung is manufactured with industry-leading components to deliver exceptional performance, making it the perfect choice for intensive outdoor lighting with full energy-saving benefits.

Designed and made of diecast Aluminium, the V-TAC floodlight has an unbreakable fascia glass sealed with silicone rubber, providing extreme durability and an IP65-rated body for a 100% waterproof and dustproof performance.

Available in various size & wattages, know more about the full V-TAC Floodlights range at vtacexports.com.

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Sports Lighting: V-TAC LED Floodlights for Al Hubaishi Football Stadium

The Client: Al Hubaishi Football Stadium

The Al-Hubaishi Football Stadium – named in memory of Muhammad Ali Al-Hubaishi from the Al Ahrar Football Club (now called Al Tilal) – was built in the 1930’s and it is one of the oldest football stadiums in the Arab world. After a lengthy period of restoration work, it opened and also welcomed the continuation of competitive football in Yemen last December 2020. 

The Project: Sports Lighting Upgrade

The Yemeni football league has been cancelled since 2014 due to the Civil War which also stopped all other footballing activities in the Middle Eastern country. Restoration work started leading to its reopening last December 2020, which included lighting upgrades. Being one of the main venues of football in the country, the Al Hubaishi Stadium required lighting fixtures with intensive illumination for the upcoming matches that would be held.

The Solution: High Lumen LED Floodlights

Intensive lighting with efficient, energy saving LEDs.

Thanks to LEDs provided by Samsung, the VT-1055 High Lumen Floodlight has a 120 lumen-per-watt rating which can easily illuminate expansive areas like the Al Hubaishi Football Stadium, and it does so with significantly lower energy costs (up to 85% in energy savings!)

Each unit has a strong & durable impact resistant, diecast Aluminium body. Coupled with its IP65 weatherproof rating, this floodlight model is ideal for outdoor areas – stadiums, docks, billboards, and parking lots. Corrosion resistance means less need for maintenance and replacement costs, too.

V-TAC Floodlights are also designed with heat sinks at the back. Proper heat distribution prevents the unit to overheat, hence increasing the operating life span of the floodlight.

Know more about the VT-1055 High Lumen floodlight by viewing its technical specs and prices – available at vtacexports.com.

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Garden Lighting: The Process & What To Consider

A beautiful garden with sufficient lighting is one project that is easily achievable with the right set of lighting fixtures, especially perfect for the upcoming warmer season. Not only does it contribute to the safety and security of any residential property, but it also provides a relaxing, satisfying aesthetic that contributes to the overall wellness and peace-of-mind of people living in the property.

Before hiring a professional lighting designer, here are some basic factors to give you an idea on which factors to consider when redesigning your garden or landscaped area with lighting.

Site Survey

Lighting projects should be practical. It is important to do a site survey and determine the goal that you are trying to achieve with the lighting that you will be installing – it could be highlighting or brightening landscaping designs, installing security lighting along building facades, having safety lighting along walkways and driveways, setting up the ambience in the patio, and more.

Once the scope is set, you can then start planning possible spots on where to mount light sources and plot lighting patterns that you would like to achieve in relation to the area of the location, routes, vertical levels, changes in directions, etc.

Knowing Your Options

Learning about various light sources will greatly help in plotting a sustainable lighting plan. Here are a few types of lighting fixtures used for residential garden lighting. 

Bollard Lights
Typically seen along pathways and driveways, Bollard Lights are installed mainly to illuminate pathways and landscapes for pedestrian safety and further prevent accidents while also providing security.  They come in various sizes, finishes, and shapes (round or square-edged), and placed ideally two to four meters apart to provide ample lighting for walkways.

See V-TAC’s extensive range of LED Bollard Lights here. 

Garden Spikes
Designed with durable, water-resistant Aluminium body, Spike Lights are one of the most flexible types of garden lighting. You can easily mount the unit and adjust the lighting angle in an instant, making it one of the easiest choice for illuminating pathways, highlighting areas with shrubs, small trees, flower beds, or simply providing ambient lighting. Solar-powered spike lights are also available: with innovative features such as Dusk-To-dawn Auto On/Off, they are cordless, which means that it is even more convenient to mount and install as there is no complicated wiring involved.

See V-TAC’s extensive range of Garden Spike Lights here.

Wall Fixtures & Lamps
Wall lighting transforms and improves the look of building facades and house exteriors into beautiful pieces of landscape and architecture by adding accents. Also referred to as washers, wall lamps are available in various colours and styles, and can easily upgrade the look of any location whether it has a classic, minimalist, modern, or contemporary theme. Easy to install, and compatible with standard GU10 lamps available in the market.

See V-TAC’s extensive range of Wall Lights here.

Bollards, spike, and wall lights are all designed with fully durable bodies with IP65 water and dust resistance, making them highly and fully functional despite the rain, shine, or snow. Standard colour temperatures with select beam angles are also available for the light of each unit, and these play a great factor in achieving the desired purpose of the lighting – Warm White (3000K) which is easy on the eyes and sets an ambience, up to a Bright White (6400K) colour usually used for safety and security lighting.

Design & Installation

Along with choosing the proper lighting specifications, the lighting design includes the exact installation locations – mounting height, spacing, switches/control methods, and wiring. From these, the distribution patterns can be generated while considering people’s fields of view, along with the proposed costs and total breakdown of equipment, energy efficiency, and installation costs.

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V-TAC Outdoor Lighting Series: A Modern Take on Classic, Weatherproof Fittings

Designed and built with waterproof and dustproof ratings, V-TAC’s modern range of outdoor luminaires are perfect for giving a contemporary and elegant feel to residential and commercial landscaping, facades, and gardens this spring. Among its continuously growing catalogue, here are some of V-TAC’s all-time bestsellers in this category.

Solar Wall Light

Solar-powered wall lights are a great addition to your outdoors, as they are one of the easiest ones to set-up and also the most beneficial. No need to configure wirings – just mount the wall light and it is ready. The built-in monocrystalline solar panels efficiently enable photovoltaic conversion (6 to 7-hr charging time), with the 3.7V Lithium-Ion battery storing 1200mAh worth of power enough to last the entire night.

The V-TAC Solar Wall Light is also equipped with a PIR Motion Sensor with a detection range of 2 to 6 metres, further reducing power consumption. Multiple lighting modes are available to adjust the brightness (full brightness at 220 lm) setting upon activation. With the IP65 rating, this wall light’s ABS + PC body is proven and tested to stand dust and moisture – totally weatherproof and fully protected from other factors that might compromise performance and longevity.

Wall Washers (GU10 | E27)

V-TAC Wall Washers are an easy choice to upgrade the look and feel of facades, both outdoor and indoor. They provide a beautiful, ambient lighting effect for decorative and even security purposes. Built with a strong and sturdy ingress-protected body, this range is available in Stainless Steel, Black, and White finishes. Our bestsellers include downlights, up-and-down lights – perfect for hallways, facades, patios; and garden spikes – which add flair to garden landscaping, driveways, and similar environments. Specific models are also equipped with a Motion PIR Sensor for further efficiency – never worry about wasted power again.

Our full catalogue of wall washers contains further options to accommodate any outdoor lighting project. Mix and match luminaires according to clients’ desired design, purpose, and functionality. With standard GU10 and E27 holder options, set-up and installation are a breeze for these modern outdoor light fittings.

Adjustable Up/Down LED Luminaires

These sleek and stylish adjustable LED luminaires are V-TAC’s bestsellers for two main reasons – they fit aesthetically with practically any residential or commercial design and theme; and they are equipped with leading-edge, high-quality Bridgelux LED chips ensuring better lighting performance and longer lifespan. The highlight feature though is the up and down beam angles are both easily adjustable with panels to achieve specific feel & designs.

The tough Aluminium body is IP65 rated, ensuring maximum protection against deterioration due to moisture, dust, and other forms of vandalism. Also available in a round version of 6W and 12W, and three muted colours (Black, White, and Grey) to create an elegant yet modern ambience in residential and commercial areas through outdoor lighting.

Explore more designs, options, and varieties from V-TAC’s complete range of outdoor lamps and fittings at vtacexports.com

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