1. Microwave Sensors in LED Further increases Power-Saving

Completely built-in the lighting fixture, the motion sensor utilizes Doppler principle and RADAR technology to detect moving objects at certain speed & reflection surface, and gives output control signals to achieve on/off control, 2 steps dimming control, or 3-step dimming control function.

A daylight sensor is also employed to set the threshold at which the motion sensor can be activated. With DIP switch, it is easy and accurate to select suitable detection area, motion hold-time, daylight threshold, stand-by dimming level, as well as stand-by period to fit for each specific installation. Very nifty feature to save energy when not needed.



2. Microwave Sensors comes in 3 Types

A. Wall Type Sensors – well for walls…

wall microwave sensor vtac.jpg


B. Recessed Type Sensors – for ceilings.

recessed microwave sensor vtac.jpg


C. Surface Type Sensors – the most versatile so far, can be installed almost anywhere you need it to be.

surface microwave sensor vtac.jpg


3. Microwave Sensors Provide More Power & More Savings

Each of these sensors can handle up to 300W of power. In an average space that’s 10 to 15 lights ladies and gentlemen. Yup, more power = more savings.



4. Microwave Sensors have an Extensive Area of Effect

The Microwave Sensors area of effect can extend from 3 meters to 15 meters. That’s One Room and One Big Garden respectively. (As shown in the figure below)



5. Microwave Sensors have a built in Time-Delay

Flexibility at it’s finest, on an average microwave sensors can be set on a minimum of 5 seconds up to 20 minutes of time-delay. This means that the light can go on after a few seconds, or wait for a couple of minutes. Very responsive or very dramatic, the applications are very flexible.


So what do you think about our Top 5 Things you didn’t know about the LED Microwave Sensors?

Did we nail it? Or have we missed something, please do let us know in the comments below.


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