5 Reasons To Use LED Linear Lights On Your Next Project


LED Linear Lights have a variety of indoor uses.LED Linear Lights are the unsung heroes of lighting design.

They humbly serve their purpose by providing adequate illumination for task lighting. They gracefully add elegance to any architectural structure by highlighting linear features.

From those reasons alone, they already sound awesome.

But why should you consider using LED linear lights for your next big project?

1. LED Linear Lights do the job and they do the job well.

Lighting equipment do a pretty simple job. They simply light up a space. Yup, no surprises there. But what makes linear lights special are simply their form.

Being linear, they can light up a much wider area without taking much space compared to fixtures of other shapes. This means that less cost would be spent on lighting up interiors.

That right there is called efficiency.

Also, the Health And Safety Executive of UK specified poor lighting as one of the major factors in affecting a person’s performance in the workplace; specifically glares and sudden contrasts in light. We all know that not having enough light can hurt your eyes, but having too much light is just as bad. Unnecessary glares can distract and can gradually cause eye strains to employees who are continuously working on computers for long hours.

Since LED linear lights have developed specialized diffusers that give any room systematic radiance and uniform lighting, it is ergonomically the best choice for office lighting.

LED Linear Lights can contribute in making an office ergonomically safe for the eyes.
2. LED Linear Lights literally and figuratively make a place glow.

Since LED linear lights produce a diffused soft glow, they can also be used to emphasize walls, ceilings, etc. and upgrade any room’s aesthetic value dramatically.

This lighting trend in architecture design converts any space to look modern and stylish.


3. LED Linear Lights’ features are versatile.

Just because they’re linear does not mean they’re boring. Just a quick Google search would show you a lengthy list of options when buying LED linear lights. These options make it easier for clients to personalize and align their choice to their needs. Since these lights can be suspended, surface mounted, or even recessed, they can be used in a handful of locations besides homes and offices like underground platforms in subways, walkways, gyms, airports, and trains.

The availability of different color temperatures (6000k white, 4000k day white, and 3000k warm white) makes it adaptable to any type of indoor use. There are also many sizes of linear lights to choose from. Dimensions usually vary from 160 x 45 x 65mm, 290 x 45 x 65mm, and 430 x 45 x 72mm.


4. LED Linear Lights can be easily installed.

Less time installing fixtures mean more time for your team to do other tasks, efficiently maximizing your budget for labor. LED linear lights have spring clips that make them insanely easy to retro fit.

5. LED Linear Lights will save your clients a fortune.

What’s better than a good set of linear lights? A good set of LED linear lights.

LED linear lighting provide clients a speedy ROI by having significantly lower energy bills without compromising the light output.

They can provide 2400 lumens at 30 W – that’s way better performance than most conventional linear lights offer. Also, the durability of LED linear lights is not to be set aside.

Together with significantly longer lamp hours, LED linear lights with a solid aluminum body make the best choice and will definitely save your client from massive replacement costs.

Now, with all of these five reasons in mind, make sure to check out V-TAC Innovative LED Lighting‘s extensive list of LED linear lights and find the perfect set for your upcoming project!



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